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Group Company Details: Ex-cel Business training (Pty) Ltd

Company Registration Number: 2014 / 107216 / 07

Company VAT Registration Number: 4600298303

Office Contact Number:  +27 10 753 2280

Mobile Contact Number:+27 79 190 9482


Ex-cel Business Training is a training and legal/compliance solutions company dedicated to delivering next generation methodologies to assist companies with their training and legal requirements.

We offer customized solutions that streamline processes to enhance productivity and efficiency. Ex-cel Business Training adopts a consulting approach to design intelligent solutions to assist clients in making fully informed business decisions focused on minimal expenditure and maximum return on investment. Our genuine concern is to deliver superior customer service experience coupled with leading products and solutions. It is our aim to go out of our way to engage a personal relationship with clients by embracing a hands-on approach to ensure we deliver our service promise.


Ex-cel Business Training was created by Matthew Ragavan with the amalgamation of like-minded South African entrepreneurs and visionaries. Ex-cel Business Training has embraced a dynamic energy of individual talents, diverse experience, and brilliant minds who aspire to be first to market by introducing new methods, ideas and product sets designed to diversify and innovate competitively into the future.

Ex-cel Business Training has recognised the unique market potential for the development of a business that presents bespoke customer specific training and legal solutions to small, medium and large corporate enterprises in South Africa, whilst playing a major contributing factor to the country’s economic development in skills development.

Our unique leadership style adopts a hands-on approach whereby every member of our organisation embraces the importance of their individual roles and are expected and trusted to deliver with passion, enthusiasm and energy.

With a dedicated and experienced EXCO, EX-CEL BUSINESS TRAINING is perfectly positioned and ready to take advantage of the growth opportunities in both the training and legal departments.

EX-CEL Business Training is currently a level 1 contributor with a 51% black women ownership.


The Global business forum is constantly evolving. In order to thrive as an emerging technology and training business over the next decade and beyond, Ex-cel Business Training must foresee and understand the trends and macro environment that will shape our company into the future and aggressively prepare in anticipation. Our 2025 Vision is to create long-term solutions to educate South Africa and equip businesses with innovative and tailored communication solutions. Our Vision provides Ex-cel Business Training with a roadmap to success in order to make our 2025 vision a reality.

In terms of the company’s legal and compliance services, we ensure that our clients have no legal exposure and are able to continuously comply with changing legislative requirements embedded into normal business processes.


Our roadmap to success begins with our mission. Our mission is enduring and declares our purpose as a legal and training company. It serves as a standard against which we evaluate our decisions and actions.

  • To educate South Africa
  • To provide businesses with innovative and tailored solutions
  • To inspire value and meaning


Our Vision serves as an agenda for our roadmap to success and directs every aspect of our business by describing what Ex-cel Business Training needs to accomplish in order to continue achieving, sustainable quality growth.

  • People: Be an innovative and energetic community where people are inspired to reach their full
  • Portfolio: Bringing to South Africa a portfolio of quality divisions that anticipate and satisfy customer service and
  • Partners: Nurture a winning network of customers and suppliers, to create mutual, enduring
  • Planet: Be responsible and exemplars to others by being environmentally aware and supporting local communities and businesses.
  • Profit: Maximize long-term return to shareholders, constantly being mindful of our overall responsibilities and
  • Productivity: To be a highly innovative, lean and fast-moving organization.

EX-CEL BUSINESS TRAINING has a capacity for change and flexibility, enabling us to meet the individual needs of each valued customer.


  • Focus on the needs of our clients and consumers
  • Get out into the market and listen, observe and learn
  • Possess a world view
  • Focus on execution in the market place everyday
  • Be insatiably curious


  • Act with urgency
  • Remain responsive to change
  • Have the courage to change course when needed
  • Remain constructively discontent
  • Work efficiently


  • Be accountable for our actions and inactions
  • Steward system assets and focus on building value
  • Learn from our outcomes: How to do it better


Matthew Ragavan began his journey in the ICT arena in 2002 and worked as a Account Executive for New Horizons Computer Learning Center. His passion for education was seen in the pace in which he climbed the rankings from a sales consultant to Branch Manager. Always looking for innovative ways to enhance the overall training experience he started working on a first world offering in partnership with the business.

Having achieved his highly ambitious goals, Matthew become a serial entrepreneur focused on supplying skilled resources and education solutions to training companies to the training industry. Matthew Ragavan being passionate customer centric individual, he openedEx-cel Business Training.

As head of the Ex-cel Business Training, Matthew Ragavan brings an innovative and entrepreneurial flair to the table. Leveraging off years of experience in developing, managing and implementing enterprise level training solutions, he has the vision to not only grow the division’s capabilities, but develop cutting edge training methodologies to adapt to the ever changing mark et and deliver true value to customers.


In her capacity as a Legal Advisor and Compliance Officer, Jenny Ragavan is an admitted attorney with 15 years of commercial experience whose experience ranges from private practice to providing her services on executive level to both the Financial Services Industry and public enterprises heading the Legal, Governance, Compliance, as well as Risk management functions.

Jenny Ragavan has experience as a Group Legal and Compliance Advisor at the Telesure Group, which includes Auto and General, 1Life Direct, Budget, Dial Direct, First for Women, Hippo, etc. She has been a practicing attorney at a commercial law firm (Vogel van der Sandt attorneys) and has headed the Legal, Compliance, Risk Management and Governance functions within Coface South Africa, a French owned multi-national credit insurer where she has gained exposure experience in international law and processes/tools used internationally in terms of Legal Advisory services, Risk management, Governance and Compliance.

Jenny Ragavan has further managed the Compliance division for Liberty Africa consisting of 15 businesses in 10 African countries and has providing her services to Land Bank Insurance, which was governed by the Minister of Finance, where she was an Executive member of the Insurance businesses heading the Legal, Governance and Compliance functions as its registered Public Officer with FSCA, the PA and FIC. She has also provided her services in Legal Advisory, Compliance Management and Governance in terms of COID, which is governed by the Minister of Labour.


EX-CEL BUSINESS TRAINING has recognised the unique market potential for the need of a business that presents unique customer specific training and technology solutions to small, medium and large corporate enterprises in Southern Africa, whilst playing a major contributing factor to the country’s economic development as a whole.

In conclusion EX-CEL BUSINESS TRAINING HOLDINGS has chosen their associated companies because of their experience within their relevant industries. They are highly respected in their industries and amongst their clients, most of which are reputable businesses within South Africa and Africa. EX-CEL BUSINESS TRAINING companies are well positioned to take advantage of the burgeoning and lucrative market, frequently dubbed as the new gold mine of Africa, and are headed-up and operated by energetic and enthusiastic management and employees. It is evident that the numerous cross selling opportunities that exist between the companies that will allow EX-CEL BUSINESS TRAINING to offer a complete service to all its customers and in so doing give them a holistic solutions experience.

EX-CEL BUSINESS TRAINING has the ideal recipe to meet the requirements of becoming the most preferred, Training and Legal Services Company in South Africa with its dynamic leadership, management and carefully selected employees.

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